Together Beyond


Sustainability highlights

Together to create even more value

473.2 mio

Together to create even more value
(458 mio in 2022)

450.2 mio

Economic value distributed, equal to 95%
(528.2 mio in 2022, equal to 94%)


Cooking patents


Cooking Design patents

Together for the well-being of people

46% Women

In overall workforce (45% in 2022)


Of average training per capita

Premio Casoli

Awarded to Claire Fontaine on women’s empowerment

Together to continue to grow while respecting the environment

Performed first HHG inventory in accordance with ISO 14064-1

605 ton CO2

Plan for the introduction of recycled plastics launched


Is it possible to go beyond the traditional concept of the green economy? Elica believes it is.


The company’s vision is clear: to overcome expectations, to invent the future and to strive for something bigger and more positive, we must be united. The only way to achieve our objectives is to bring staff, customers, partners and local communities together in a single, clear purpose. To continue to imagine previously undiscovered solutions, with a strong focus on the most important aspects: the environment, ethics, health, the social element. Today, the commitment made by Elica and by all of its stakeholders to a sustainable future is also - and above all - a call for collaboration and for togetherness.




Because only together can we overcome challenges and go further. Towards meaningful and profound change.


Sustainability report 2023

Together Beyond

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