People are at the core of what we do

The people strategy of the Elica Group is defined by three pillars:


The Elica People mission

Attracting individuals aligned with the Elica culture, promoting self-development, rewarding merit, and fostering motivation.

Our highlights


2600 employees
46% women
54% men
50% women among key directors


students hosted by the company each year for experience-sharing activities and workshops.

Establishment of dozens collaborations with higher education institutes, universities and research centers aimed at vocational guidance and professional training programs in the Cooking sector.


of training provided in 2023, of which:
54% to blue-collar workers
46% to white-collar workers

Our core drivers

  1. You can prioritize yourself by taking on the risks of the decisions you make. You decide promptly while also listening to others.
  2. You see and share risks with others in advance to expedite decision and action.

  1. You speak your mind and listen to others, especially during decision-making moments. Once decisions are made, you respect them and don't create parallel or subsequent moments of discussion.
  2. Raise your hand and encourage direct confrontation with others while avoiding controversies.

  1. Share information and your knowledge openly using understandable language. Do not use information to build barriers or areas of power.
  2. Act swiftly and spontaneously in a cross-functional manner, with all types of teams (diverse skills, temporary teams, external teams...). Provide a clear framework and declare what you expect from others.

  1. If you see unresolved issues, take action even if they are not within your scope of action. Seek the support and trust of others before acting, always respecting the organization.
  2. You direct your efforts, surpassing, if necessary, your own interests, always keeping in mind the big picture and the impact your decisions have on others.

  1. You become an activator of continuous improvement even in activities you have conceived or implemented yourself. You propose tailor-made solutions for Elica.
  2. Study and learn from the success of others (individuals, teams, etc.) to improve your activities.

  1. You don't hide your mistakes and are able to recognize their causes even when discussing with others.
  2. You look at people from a future perspective, providing practical suggestions to direct their performance.

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